39 Forever is a smash hit!

Amity’s latest show ’39 Forever’ has proven to be an absolute hit, selling out its debut season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, adding 5 more shows and achieving 5 star reviews. Audiences and critics loved its sassy, honest and poignant take on ageing in an image obsessed world with glowing reviews including:

‘For those of you who only think of The Block when you hear the name Amity Dry, you are sadly missing out; for there is so much more to this sparkling little pocket rocket of talent. Dry is hilarious and so honest in telling her story of reveling and rebelling in her teens, then growing into a woman and mother and fearing of becoming invisible after the big Four Ohhh! She is as sparkling and glittery as her beautiful gown and an 80’s Glitter Ball. Her voice is clear, crisp and strong with some notes that Streisand and Midler would kill for.’ Glam Adelaide

‘From the anxious, eager voice of a young Amity, swooping in and out of infatuation with singers and TV stars, to the strong, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar voice of an Amity embracing her upcoming 40s, she never ceases being able to punctuate her narrative with dry, self-deprecating one-liners and reflections that spark laughter and introspection throughout the theatre space…It’s the blend of disarmingly honest storytelling, wit, and the sort of soundtrack you’d expect from a gal born in 1978.’ The Adelaide Show

‘Amity Dry has done it again with 39 Forever… Each number is performed flawlessly as Dry’s incredible voice brings to life all that she feels in that moment as well as from back then…she takes you from laughter to tears and back again.’ Broadway World.

‘IN one for the girls, clever comedic songstress and thoroughly charming Amity Dry traverses life from childish dreams of being “old”, to the reality of being 30-something “with champagne in hand and a toddler on the hip”…Grab your bubbles and work it into a night out with the girls.’ The Advertiser

‘Funny, heartwarming and at times poignant, Amity makes you feel like you are catching up with an old friend. She is a triple threat – amazing writer, composer and performer – totally captivating, she commands the stage with her engaging presence and sings beautifully. Get your girlfriends together and go see it.’ Play and Go Adelaide

39 Forever will be performing 5 shows in Melbourne this May 3-7 at Chapel off Chapel, so grab your tickets at http://chapeloffchapel.com.au/melbourne-comedy-theatre-art/melbourne-events/39-forever-3-7-may/

Then look out for more announcements for further shows in 2017/18!



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  1. Dear Amity,

    I loved your show Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life and am very much hoping that you are bringing 39 Forever to Sydney in 2018. Your stories really resonate with women and our lives. Never perfect, never dull. Your show reminded me of a day in my life that really demonstrated the difference between what people see and the life we really lead. Let me start with the ending:

    On a lovely sunny day I sat in Hyde Park with my 9 year old son surrounded by gorgeous decorated cupcakes when we were approached by someone from (the SBS I think) asking if we would be part of a show on families and their lives. It didnt work out as we didnt live in Sydney, but I still crack up laughing because what she saw was soooo not what our life is like. I know she saw the perfect stay at home mum living in a Sydney mansion who spent all her time decorating perfect little cakes for her gorgeous well mannered little boy living the perfect life. But no…..

    My husband and I were, at the time, separated but living in the same house in the rural hamlet on Lennox Head. My son and I had got on a little Rex plane at Ballina airport at 6.30 am that morning and I had worked like a demon marking a PhD thesis so that when we arrived in Sydney I could keep my promise to buy cupcakes from David Jones and take him to the natural history museum before going to the gifted children’s program at UNSW, which he loved since he went to a nice little country school with with few extra facilities for his inquiring mind. But the flight went through a witches cauldron of a storm, people were screaming, I spent the flight holding the hand of the pregnant lady across the (tiny) aisle as we flew, but until the thesis flew out of my hands in one huge down draught, was still madly trying to get my marking finished as all overworked A-type personalty professors would! Because I was too focused on marking and keeping my promise to my son to join in the general screaming and mayhem, my son, once tucked with a blanket around both of us, decided there must be nothing to worry about and eventually whispered, “this is kind of fun isnt it”, as the plane bucked and we got thrown around. So here was my real life….. no time to make perfect little cakes (in fact we did try to make hedgehog cupcakes once but in the tropical humidity the eyes slide off), no posh mansion on the harbour, no perfect executive husband… just crazy flights, country life, working all hours, and a marriage on the rocks… lucky I didnt live in Sydney, we would not have been remotely the family the SBS imagined!

    Hoping to see your show in Sydney


    1. Post

      Hi Deborah, I really loved your comment – thank you so much for sharing it! I don’t have any scheduled plans to bring 39 Forever to Sydney as yet, but I definitely hope to. I totally relate to your story so I’m glad you relate to mine. That’s exactly why I share them with my audiences. Much love. x

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