What if women told the truth a little more, to ourselves and each other? What if we admitted marriage was tough, motherhood is a challenge and doing it all is exhausting. What if, instead of the Hollywood version of marriage and motherhood, we saw a depiction of how it really is – relentless, exhilarating, infuriating, hilarious, complicated.

Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life is the hit Australian musical that’s been winning over audiences and critics since it’s 2010 debut. Both an entertaining musical comedy and thought provoking drama it is unafraid to tell the truth about parenthood, relationships and the juggle to ‘do it all.’

The story follows a year in the life of best friends Kate, Bec, Lily and Jessie. Each week they meet in the café Lily owns to drink coffee and share their lives with one another, as they go through the relatable highs and lows of relationships, parenting and the daily grind. They are ‘every woman,’ giving audiences a picture of their own experiences on stage with stories that shine a light on the little moments that make up our lives.

Mother, Wife has played over 100 shows across Australia, been in the New York Musical Theatre Festival, played at the United Nations and was translated to Norwegian for a European debut. It recently had a title change to THE (M)OTHER LIFE and is currently in development for a 2019 UK tour.


Do you still feel like you’re 25 even though your birthdate stubbornly insists you’re not? Are you enquiring about botox ‘for a friend?’ Do you wonder how adults were born in the 1990's?! This hilariously honest new show looks at ageing in an image-obsessed world, where 40 is the new 30 - but only with the right Instagram filter.

After winning critical and audience acclaim for her honest account of marriage and motherhood Amity Dry turns her focus to ageing, in this comedic and poignant exploration on the pressure women face to stay forever young. 39 Forever debuted at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival, selling out its entire 15 show season and receiving 5 star reviews. It is since played two seasons at Chapel off Chapel in Melbourne, one as part of the International Comedy Festival and a return season in the Adelaide Fringe. It is now touring Australia in late 2018 and 2019.